Established 1968
Silicone Molding
Sinicon Plastics has been molding Liquid Silicone since 1998.  We produce both straight silicone parts and silicone parts overmolded onto thermoplastic or metal.  We have developed a quick turn around tooling solution for custom gaskets/O-rings.  Tools and parts can be produced in 2 – 4 weeks. 


• Insert molding/overmolding
• (2) class 100,000 portable cleanrooms available
• Non-contact part measurements with Microview video inspection device

• 2 Silicone Moldings machines
• 22 and 85 clamp tonnage
• Medical grade stainless steel pumps
• Post bake annealing oven

• Less than 100 up to 100,000 plus

LIM GRADES:           
• 20 durometer up to 80 durometer
• Some grades custom formulated with special fillers such as abrasives or iron (for shielding)