Established 1968
Thermoplastic Molding
Sinicon specializes in molding high performance engineering resins.  We were one of the first molders in the country to mold ULTEM.  In fact it was called ULTREX at the time.  We have extensive knowledge about material used in high heat applications, applications that have special lubricity requirements, and application that require parts to be conductive or shielded.  Based on our range of experience with a wide range of resins we are able to assist our customers with material selection.  This helps ensure the right mix of performance and cost. 

• Insert molding
• (2) class 100,000 portable cleanrooms available
• Vertical insert molding
• High heat molding – 800 deg. F barrel temp. 400+ deg. F mold temp.
• Micro Molding – parts weighing less than 1 gram. 
• Thin Wall Molding – wall thickness down to 0.010 inch.
• Non-contact part measurements with Microview video inspection device

• 12 molding machines
• 28 – 165 clamp tonnage
• 1/2 - 10.5 oz. shot capacity
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• CNC machining of molded parts
• Ultrasonic welding
• Light assembly
• Packaging

Less than 100 up to 100,000 plus

ABS  Acetal Isoplast Nylons PEEK Polycarbonate Polyester Polysulfone PPA (Amodel) PPS (Ryton) Elastomers Ultem

These materials are processed in unreinforced and reinforced grades.  The reinforced grades include varying percentages and combinations of glass, carbon fiber, stainless steel, Kevlar, mineral, PTFE (Teflon)